I haven’t done a lot of writing in the past couple months. Lots of transition, goodbyes and preparations for our next hello. Our movers come this Monday and Tuesday and we leave on Wednesday.

I’ve tried hard to say goodbye well and to be present with people. There are times it’s great and times when we’re just ready to go. We’ve been slowly packing our house for almost 3 months and we’re tired of it! But we get our perspective back and do our best to enjoy all these moments we get.

I met with 9 of our teens this morning for brunch. We’ve had so many goodbye parties that it didn’t seem there was much left to say. But then these kids found more words that really got to me. They made a scrapbook with notes and pictures.

Two phrases really caught my attention…

You made praying and talking to God something to look forward to.

I will miss you so terribly much, but I know that some other teen/child/person is out there, waiting for someone like you guys.

I hope that’s always one of my responsibilities as a pastor. I want people to love their relationship with God. And what maturity from a 7th grader to see a bigger perspective than just them.

Words are so powerful. In a single phrase, we can lift someone up or destroy them. Words are my love language. It’s how God has wired me to feel loved.

Thank you teens for all the love you’ve shown us recently. I can never say thank you enough.  

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