seminary graduation

I’m too tired to write much but felt the need to document this day. 🙂

I graduated with my Master of Divinity this afternoon.

It’s been a great three years. Highlights from today:

  • My grandpa flew in from South Carolina to surprise me!
  • Brunch with Aaron, mom, grandma, my uncle and grandpa
  • Talking to dad on the phone before ceremony started
  • Bishop Ough’s sermon
  • Getting my diploma
  • Seeing three of our teens who sat through the whole service for me!
  • A big hug from my mom after the ceremony
  • Not passing out during the ceremony from the heat 🙂
  • A fantastic party afterwards at our house
  • Great help from Jason, Emily, mom and grandma 
  • Phone calls with my brothers
  • Thoughtful gifts from great friends
  • Foooooood!
Thank you to everyone who’s supported me during this part of my journey. No one does this alone. 
Thank you.
p.s. We found a new home for our dog Callie tonight. She’s been having some issues and we’ve decided it’s time for her to find a new home. Difficult and sad decision. She’ll be leaving us tomorrow. 😦

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