"are you getting excited?"

A couple people have asked me recently if I’m getting excited about Alaska. My short answer has been that we’re so focused on the list of things to do to get ready, that we haven’t spent much time thinking about life after we get there!

But the more I think about, that’s how it should be. 

Those of you who know me know that as soon as I hit the ground, I’ll be giving it all I’ve got. Anchor Park, East and the Alaska conference will get my attention, prayer and passion. Aaron and I will take our dogs on hikes, explore new areas, kayak, bike, climb mountains, hang with family and make new friends.

But for the next two months, I’m still here.

And I want to be fully present here. I want to enjoy every moment with family and dear friends. I want to enjoy the packing/moving journey with Aaron. I am determined to love our teens the best I can while pointing them towards new possibilities.

It’s not fair to either place for me to be thinking about the other one.

Our church is beginning a 30 days to live challenge. We’re asking the question, “what would I do if I had 30 days to live?” My answer is to continue being fully present wherever I am. That’s the best gift we give the person with us and the best gift we give God. Technology threatens to distract me at every turn so this continues to be a spiritual discipline.

Here’s to being present. It’s fun to think about the future and reflect on the past.

But don’t stay there too long. You’ll miss everything.

One thought on “"are you getting excited?"

  1. Very well spoken. I am proud of you! I only wish my two teens were still under your great care! The Mosebach's love you both!


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