Toledo Mission Trip

Last week I went on my last mission trip with our Stillwater teens. We had a great week in Toledo! Here’s some highlights…

  • Teens participated in a community simulation around poverty issues – I saw a group automatically set aside 10% of their money to give back to God before they even thought about food, water and clothing
  • A big thanks for our partners doing a faithful job serving in Toledo: Epworth UMC, The Village Church, NuVizion UCC and Monroe Street UMC
  • Two girls helped clients and their translator shop for clothing at the Bridge on Wednesday. After they left the girls sat down, looked at each other and said, “I just bought a prom dress for $70. They would have died to have that $70.” 
  • Many teens from our Evolution (transition) team led different activities throughout the week. It’s not easy to lead your peers. They did a great job!
  • A big thanks for our 4 adults who gave their week and were great servant leaders.

Sunday, March 28
Prayer in worship, grilled cheese, packing up, driving, dollar dinner, groceries, got settled in, Bible study, youth group with Epworth UMC, worship, sleep!

Monday, March 29

Clothing store, painting, scraping walls, Bible study, awesome worship team, stuffed animals, cardboard, sanctuaries with couches and a church in a bar, great food, the blind side, flyering neighborhoods, prayer, laughter, working in a garden!

Tuesday, March 30
Flyering, Bible study, discussion on poverty and economic injustice,more great food, painting on busy street corners, lunch on a playground, jumping pictures, fun van rides, rocket tag, pizza, giving stuffed animals to kids, loving people we don’t like, worship, prayer, weeding, planting flowers, asking God to open our eyes to poverty when we don’t want to look.

Wednesday, March 31
Bible study, chickens, weeding, moving tires, dirt, candles, blessing circle, capture the flag, flyering, cookout, games, cleaned a greenhouse, planted carrots, sunburns, desserts, laughter, only positive comments, worship, scare tag, handed out food, sorted clothes, cleaned an attic, personal shoppers for clients, prayer.

Thursday, April 1
Cleaning, pancakes, Bible study, cleaning, monkeys, giraffes, walking, sunburn, lunch, train, fun pictures, laughter, more animals, driving, prayer, home!

Check out some pics here and here

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