who’s mentored you?

I ran into one of my co-workers, friends and mentors at Walmart this afternoon. It got me thinking about how many people have given time and attention to mentoring me.

Encouragement, a listening ear, prayer, challenge.
They didn’t have to. But they did. And I’m so grateful.

Some of mine…
Dave & Kim Beckett
Clarice Moore
Randy McCurdy
Peter Perry
Karen Seiter
Duane Anders
Tim Wright
Meg Lassiat
Brian Beckett
Marie Smith
Corky Calhoun
Leroy Chambliss
David Watson
Mike Nygren
(This list was difficult to make! There are a lot more people…)
Who’s mentored you?

2 thoughts on “who’s mentored you?

  1. My list is difficult to make because there are so few in it. I spent years of my life looking for a mentor and realized that most people are not willing to be one.That said, I grew a lot under the mentorship of Chris Kiesling at Asbury Seminary and Mary Jo Yeakel here in West Ohio.


  2. I think my mom and my grandmother were mentors in their rock solid faith. I learned a lot about ministry from Gary Runtas…and I learned to do ministry from Hal Hamilton. Almost all of this has come through relationship rather than the classroom!


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