christmas 2009

It’s been a particularly meaningful Christmas this year for me. My birth family all made the trip to my house for a week. They made many sacrifices to be together. One brother spent over $1400 on a plane ticket. Another brother just had ACL surgery and hobbled around on crutches the whole time. My sister and her husband drove 20 hours from South Dakota. My parents paid for a cabin in Hocking Hills, food for 8 for a week and a last minute 4 wheel drive car rental. 🙂

I’m in awe of the sacrifices people make for people they love. I’m so appreciative that my family works hard to keep our relationships a priority. Great relationships don’t just happen. I love hanging out with my family! I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time 🙂 Now my husband and I get to spend a week with his family! So grateful for time with all our family.

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