Play, dream & drift

3rd post from Running on Empty. Only to chapter 3. Good stuff.

  • I needed to be in constant contact with others. I felt that if I wasn’t available, others would forget I existed, or worse, they’d begin thinking that I didn’t matter. Feeding this fear was the fundamental belief that I had no real worth apart from the things I accomplished when I was busy.
  • Data smog can describe the multitasking, technological world we live in
  • Are we raising a generation of teens who could become so addicted to the buzz of multitasking that as they mature, they’ll lose the values of patience and tranquility? In the end, restlessness could be their reward.
  • Busyness by itself doesn’t threaten to kill me. What threatens to kill me is how easily I assign undeserved meaning to the many things I’m busy doing.
  • Why are we so driven and preoccupied?
  • Many of the successful vocational ministers the author knows are busy succeeding because of what’s lacking on the inside.
The overload seems to express itself in a simple pattern: overscheduled at work, underscheduled at home, and unscheduled when it comes to nourishing one’s soul.

In God’s kindness and mercy, God has shown me that I am here to play, to dream, and to drift as much as to do the hard work I’ve been given.

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