NYWC – Managing Your Ministry

Managing Your Ministry – Ginny Olson

God was an organizer – water, sky, day, night Sabbath
Mess = lack of order
Who spends more time looking for things? Messy or neat people? == Neat people because they store things out of sight
When you don’t have a clear mission/vision, the team all thinks they’re going the right direction
General Planning
1. Choose a system – physical or digital calendar
2. Short-range planning
  • Take 15-30 minutes at start of the week to plan out your week
  • Review unfinished work from previous week
  • Review upcoming calendar
3. Sanity-saving tip
  • Don’t open your email for the first hour of the day
  • Otherwise you immediately have little things coming at you
  • Instead, start your day working on a project, you’ll feel accomplished and feed off that productivity the rest of the day
4. Prioritize
  • A = Critical, must get done today
  • B = Important, but not due today
  • C = Unncessary
  • We spend most of our time doing unnecessary things
5. We get nibbled to death by…
  • Emails & texts
  • Crisis situations
  • Junk mail
  • Lack of a good filing system
  • Talking with people too much
  • Use the “away from office” function in your email when you’re gone
  • Change your voicemail often, say when you’ll check it next
  • Get out of your office a day each week for prayer, planning, study, evaluation
  • Schedule time for things you tend to avoid
  • Respond rather than react to crisis – Your crisis doesn’t mandate my crisis
Long-Range Planning & Event Planning outlines – let me know if you want those!

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