time to start commissioning questions…

This morning I’m sitting down to start answering the questions to become a commissioned member of the United Methodist Church. That means I can get an appointment in a church while I spend a couple years in probationary/residency status. Then I would be ordained a full elder in the United Methodist Church.

For those of you who’ve followed this blog since I began seminary, it’s been a long journey! I’m sensing the importance of these questions as I discern what to write. I’m reminded of the seriousness and importance of helping people in their walk with God. I don’t take this lightly and am honored to spend the next several months reflecting and writing on these issues…
My understanding of God
Humanity & grace
Jesus Christ
Holy Spirit
Kingdom of God, resurrection & eternal life
Nature & mission of the church
United Methodist polity
My gifts for ministry
Servant ministry
Inclusive church
Integrity & spiritual disciplines
Whew 🙂 I’ll be working on these until I go before the Pacific Northwest Conference in February in Seattle. Here goes…

5 thoughts on “time to start commissioning questions…

  1. I'll be doing this soon as well. I had an opportunity to write these responses for my UM Doctrine class.I will have to prepare a Bible study, a case study, and possibly preliminary work on the questions for ordination as well as other things for commissioning in South Georgia.What other required work does your conference require of you for provisional membership?


  2. I did these four years ago, and right now I'm putting the finishing touches on the Full Connection questions. They are similar but focus on “how has the practice of ministry impacted [insert doctrine here]?” I'll be praying for you and hope your process is much much much smoother than mine.


  3. Interesting list. Of particular note, evil is included as a problem, I am sure, but our theological category of “sin” does not make the cut, though it could be a facet of your discussion of evil. Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit merit discussion, but God the Father does not, though that could be touched on in your understanding of God. The Nature and Mission of Church is designated, but “Inclusive Church” is listed separately, for some reason.God bless you as you prepare.


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