friendship takes time

We’ve been talking a lot about community lately at church. Reminds me that I don’t have many friends my age. I feel close to many people younger and older than me. But there’s something about connecting with people my age.

Aaron and I got a great opportunity to hang out on Sunday with a new couple who’s moved to the Dayton area. Looking forward to eating dinner & playing cards at their place on Wednesday.
Then a friend I’ve known for a while and I went out to dinner tonight. We haven’t spent time together in a while. And I was reminded that friendship takes work. I talk often about how difficult it is to make friends after college. We get busy and if we don’t call people up and make things happen, months & years fly by.
Then we wonder if there’s more than the situation we’re in. We all want the same thing.
For others to know the real us. We want to share our life with friends we trust. We want to know others in a way that really means something. We want to laugh, joke around, make memories, understand and challenge each other.
And we can all have it. But it takes work. It takes time.

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