Calling all bloggers!

On Thursday, August 20, anybody who has discerned a call into ministry is invited to publish a post on what that process has been like.

What are the struggles, joys, surprises and outcomes? Who helped you along? Where are you now? What do you wish someone told you at the beginning of discernment?

Write the post, send the link to and they’ll all be posted at on the 20th.
We hope the outcome is two fold:
  1. They’ll be shared with young adults ages 18-24 considering a call into ministry
  2. They’ll also be helpful for young adults interested in attending Exploration 2009 this November 13-15
You’re invited to include a link to the Exploration website and a personal invitation for young adults to attend this discerning event.
The power of community and prayer as young adults continue this discerning journey is powerful. Thanks for helping spread the word!

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