salmon lake, van rides & a village

Fish hanging to dry in the village of Teller, Alaska
The team cruising the streets of Teller with the Lutheran pastor
On the way to Teller

A Lutheran camp on Salmon Lake
We drove an hour to Salmon Lake and back this morning. Beautiful day. Scenery just takes your breath away, over and over and over. We got separated from our other car. Once we finally reunited we jumped back in the van to head 2 hours northwest to the village of Teller. 200 people live there. There’s no running water or sewer in Teller. Great school though.
Their biggest problem is that they’re located on a flood plain. Businesses won’t invest and move into the area. We met with a Lutheran pastor who serves Teller and Brevig Mission, a small village across the water. He gave us a lot to debrief tonight about his ministry and 19 years in those villages.
Our professor got out of the van and said, “I’ve ever said anything bad about Nome…” Then he said, “No, if I’ve ever said anything bad about Dayton…”
Back to church late to debrief & have devotions.
I’ve heard God speak very clearly this week. Deeply refreshing.

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