What I’ve learned after 4 years of marriage

Four years ago today my husband and I got married in Punta Gorda, Florida. Since I love pics, here’s some from that day.
After the first 4 years, we’ve learned…

1. Spending the first & last minutes of the day together is wonderful.
2. Marriage is hard work. You don’t always feel “in love” with your spouse. Doesn’t mean it’s time to throw in the towel. Reconnect. Stop being selfish & stubborn. Put them first.
3. Our problems & frustrations become each others. Two heads are better than one. We usually respond better when we’ve talked about it.
4. We have different work & play styles. It makes a big difference when we accept that we’re different.
I’ll only list 4 since we have a long time to go until we understand what it means to love someone with everything we have.
But I am glad to say I am more in love than I thought possible. It just keeps deepening and growing in new ways. I’m thankful for new life, second chances and new dreams.

One thought on “What I’ve learned after 4 years of marriage

  1. Number 1 is especially important for my husband and I these days, as we are working opposite shifts. I come home at 6 AM just as he begins his day. His beginning is my end, but we cherish that time just so.


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