6 Questions for the United Methodist Church

We’ve coming to the end of our 40 days of prayer for the United Methodist Church. It’s been a great experience that surprised me many times. It was humbling to pray alongside hundreds of my pastor colleagues around the country. It really eliminates a spirit of competition among us at an early stage in our ministries. I love that.

Andrew Conard‘s brain got going a couple weeks ago and I’m really excited to help get the word out about 6 Questions for the United Methodist Church. Andrew is the new internet campus at Church of the Resurrection.
So here’s the deal…

Go to http://umcyoungclergy.com/6qumc to get all the details (goes live Friday morning!)
Then go to http://bit.ly/umcquestions2009 to submit your own questions and vote on others.
Every Tuesday until September 30, we’ll ask questions and vote on the best ones. Vote on questions and invite people to participate on Twitter with #6qumc. The Facebook group is here.
The goals…

1. Raise important questions for next steps in the life of the denomination.
2. Prevent moving too quickly from prayer to strategies and tactics.
3. Provide guidance for future face to face gatherings.
4. Shape the discourse across the denomination in the USA.
What’s your question?

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