mountain top experiences

My husband taught me something really important yesterday. 

We got to talking about our mountain top experiences with God. Many of our most memorable ones happened in high school or college. Summer camp, youth group retreats, mission trips, etc. 
It’s tempting to feel our relationship with God has changed in a negative way because our mountain top experiences haven’t been as dramatic.
We’re still having great moments with God, they’re just different. And if we keep holding on to one memory or image of how we experienced God, we’re going to miss how God shows up in new ways. 
Leave a comment with one time you felt very close to God.

4 thoughts on “mountain top experiences

  1. Hi Jenny,Just stumbled across your blog and have enjoyed reading some of your entries! I am priveleged to work as the Office Manager for The Connectional Table of the United Methodist Church, and my most recent “mountain top experience” was 2 weeks ago when this group met in Nashville, TN. Listening to the amazing conversations that this group of leaders in our church have with each other… Hearing the wonderful works that the agencies of the UMC are doing, that Annual Conferences and local churches are doing, that individuals are doing to serve God’s kingdom, fills me with awe and renews my passion to serve Christ in new ways!I must admit that coming back to the office after the meeting was a bit of a low point, because I LOVE the craziness involved in supporting these meetings. I miss the interaction and running around like a chicken with my head cut off! 🙂 But, I know that God will help me through this part too… Hope you have a wonderful day!Many Blessings,Stefany


  2. Ash Wednesday services are always good, but this year’s was fantastic. Part of them being so good is that people are there ON PURPOSE: to confess and repent of sin, and i believe God is there in a really special way. But this year, as I knelt and asked the Holy Spirit to reveal my sins to me so I could confess them and turn from them, it was as if God simply hugged me and said, “You do that enough. I just want you to know how proud I am of you.”


  3. Stefany, I also find most UM events very uplifting and am always reminded of the depth of our connection. As a pastor’s kid, I take it for granted that we are this connected to each other. You voiced the extraordinary moments that can create!


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