How churches can use Twitter

We’re all looking for ways to save money in the local church right now. Twitter is a great way to get the word out FOR FREE. 

Great post on 8 ways for the local church to use Twitter:

My top reasons:
1) Multiple touch points: You see what’s happening in the daily life of your people – provide pastoral care & checking in with each other
2) Announcements/Reminders: Remind followers of upcoming events & new blog posts/sermons
3) Continue & deepen the conversation: Keep talking about sermon themes during the week – take it further than you can during the weekend
4) Twitter Bible studies: They’re calling it a Twible Study. Give a Bible verse & ask people for one application. See examples here:
5) Transparency: I appreciate churches & organization who don’t hold onto information with a death grip – be honest & open
6) Prayer Requests: A large group can pray for someone or a situation even faster than receiving an email
7) Tweet Sermons: Followers can tweet during the sermon as a way to connect with their Twitter followers
Other ways?
Jason Ohler: I know only one thing about the technology that awaits us in the future: We will find ways to tell stories with it.

3 thoughts on “How churches can use Twitter

  1. Jenny, I like the ideas on using twitter, except for the last point. I don’t want my church service to become a SXSW symposium of phone keys continuously tapping.If you want a twitter conversation about the sermon, I would be happy to join in. After church.The church service is a time for the worship of God. That can’t happen while we are group critiquing the sermon.


  2. Jay, Hey! I see both sides on this issue. I deeply value worship as a time with God and our faith community. I also see value in setting aside a couple Sundays a year to invite people to interact in that way. I think it honors God to spread the message as far as possible, even if that happens during worship. But I definitely see your point. I wouldn’t want that to be a weekly habit.


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