40 days of prayer coming May 18

Back in March, Ben Simpson wrote an open letter to young United Methodist leaders. It must have touched a nerve because it got over 1,000 hits. He suggested 40 days of prayer beginning on Monday, May 18. Anybody is invited to lift their hearts in prayer as Annual Conferences are held around the nation. 
Visit www.umcyoungclergy.com and click on Prayer. Each day a new prayer will be posted. Here’s a feed so you can subscribe in your reader.
I’m personally grateful for Ben stepping forward with this idea. One of my many flaws is a consistent disregard for focused prayer. God inspires an idea in my head and I’m off and running. I sometimes plead for God to bless my plans instead of doing the disciplined work of listening & waiting. So I’m thankful for people who remind me nothing happens without prayer. 
Lord, may you hear the genuine desire in our prayers. We love you and your church. Humble, strength, restore and lead us. 

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