Young Clergy Tweets

CALLING ALL YOUNG CLERGY: (You can decide if that means you! Age doesn’t matter)

Exploration 2009 happens this November in Dallas. It’s an event for all high school seniors-24 yr olds considering a call into ordained ministry. It usually draws 600-800 young adults.
There will be four worship experiences. On Saturday evening we want to invite you to be a part of worship! Here’s the details:
1. Write 1-2 sentences of encouragement/advice/prayer for these young adults
2. Choose a picture of yourself in ministry (doing a baptism, communion, with people, etc)
3. Email both to
These will scroll through on the screen during worship – we’re calling them Young Clergy Tweets. 🙂 
We’re also asking the Council of Bishops this weekend to do the same. The Bishop Tweets will play as a welcome during opening worship.
Thanks for taking the time to do this. It’s so helpful for young adults trying to discern to see people like them in ministry. It’s powerful to see an image of what you want to become. 

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