Holidays, family & normalcy

One of my holiday highlights is making family phone calls. Since my immediate family is spread out, that means a call to my sister in South Dakota, my brother at his job in Alaska, my brother who’s at home in Anchorage and my parents in Anchorage. A couple hours later, I’m done. fully informed, and feeling the family love.

Yesterday I realized this is normal. Not being “home” with my immediate family for holidays. I haven’t been home with them for Easter since I was 18. Haven’t celebrated Christmas morning in the flesh in 3 years. The family traditions of rising early to go with Dad to the sunrise service and briefly seeing my easter basket already out are long gone. Hunting for eggs in the snowy backyard is past. Holding hands and sharing blessings on Thanksgiving Day hasn’t happened for 9 years.

What things in your life are now normal? 
Are you okay with that?
Are there things you do everyday that you hate? Things that have become normal without even realizing it. 
It happens so slowly
I’m okay with the changes in my family dynamics. I miss them. But we stay in touch pretty well. We have new memories and the times we’re together mean even more.
But other things have become normal and I’m not proud of those.
I don’t eat very healthy. I procrastinate on homework. I’m not very disciplined. I drive too fast. Those are normal things for me. I hate that.

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