Less Clutter. Less Noise. pt. 2

Our brains process information differently today than they did five years ago.

Culture isn’t shutting down, it’s just shifting and the space in which we interact looks different.

There is simply too much information and not enough time to take it all in. However, people will take time to read or hear something that reinforces an opinion they already have or speaks to a real need in their life.

Reach fewer people more times

  • People only pay attention to what their brain tells them they need
  • Start thinking of something & then you see it everywhere
  • People’s needs drive what they pay attention to
  • A felt need is anything people consciously lack, desire or need help with

What unique value can people get from you that make it worth the hassle of changing their schedules? Consider what they can find or experience at your church that they can’t anywhere else.

How does your programming fit into the grind of their lives?

What we are familiar with we cease to see.

Many of us are trying to relate to people in a world that no longer exists.

How do you see the world? As it is or the way you are?

I seriously don’t have the time or patience to figure out what they say is important, especially when they communicate that everything is important.

Research says that after 2 announcements, people stop listening. We believe there are so many important things that “have to be said” during the service, we just can’t control ourselves. We think if we don’t say it, people won’t hear it. Well, they’re not listening anyway.

What have we fallen in love with that is not as effective as it used to be? Where are we working hard with little return? What are we doing out of habit without remembering why? Where are we manufacturing energy?

What’s the number one way to get the word out about your church (and keep people coming back)?

  • Flyers? No.
  • Website? No.
  • Banners? No.
  • Advertising? No.
  • Free stuff? No.

None of these things are bad. They can help. But they’re supporting characters. The number one ways to get the word out about any organization is through the words and actions of the people in the organization. Every person in your church is like a walking billboard. 

Before you spend money on marketing, spend money improving the people skills of your people. 

Seriously. Buy the book. 

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