Who should be at the table?

David Gregory asked Fritz Henderson, the new CEO of General Motors on Meet the Press this morning a very important question. 

Can you, an insider of 25 years at this company, make transformational change from the inside?
What happens if we ask our churches that question? What does it mean to be an insider in church structures? Does it allow more insight, passion & experience or does it hinder one’s perspective?
My gut reaction?
Sweeping transformational change requires both kinds of people at the table. Experience matched with fresh insights. I don’t know about you, but I want someone next to me that doesn’t see it the same way. 
GM only has 60 days to make wide-reaching change. Quite a tall order. 
David just asked him point blank what his salary is. Fritz said 1.3 million dollars. Dang.

5 thoughts on “Who should be at the table?

  1. So, in Heroes parlance, “One of us, one of them?”Seriously, I agree with the idea; sometimes we have been part of the structure for so long that we assume assupmtions that needn’t be assumed and we take for granted things that aren’t guaranteed.


  2. I would imagine its easier to look at others who’ve been in the structure longer and believe they need fresh eyes. It’s different to realize its us who needs a fresh perspective!


  3. Jenny – I think that you are right on here. I like to think of myself as somewhat of an outsider as I am just entering ministry, but the reality is that I am clearly a part of the denomination in some fundamental ways.Both are needed.


  4. He isn’t getting paid even close to enough. I would have demanded at least 5 Million to even step into that mess!


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