Seattle pics & highlights

more pics here and here

Our Seattle Highlights:


  • We took a shuttle to our hotel & decided to walk the 2 miles to the Pacific Northwest Conference office
  • Met with Bishop Hagiya, Pat Simpson (Seattle DS), David Valera (DCM), Patrick Scriven (Conference Youth & Young Adults), Cara Scriven (young clergy) & Elizabeth Schindler (young clergy)


  • We caught a bus from the hotel to downtown Seattle – we were proud of ourselves for figuring out the transfers and bus etiquette
  • We did the Seattle Center, Experience Music Project & Sci-Fi Museum, took the monorail to Westgate for lunch, Pike’s Place Market and took a very cool Underground tour
  • We caught the 4:20 ferry to Bainbridge Island to visit Linda, one of Aaron’s relatives


  • We hiked through the Grand Forest – a very cool rain forest
  • We drove to Pt. Townsend and walked on the coast & through the town
  • We ate lunch at Nifty 50s šŸ™‚
  • We tried a self-guided driving tour but that dissolved into laughter & confusing directions
  • Back at Linda’s house, the sun came out and I just HAD to take a picture on the back deck. We went outside and accidentally closed the locked door behind us! We spent an hour and a half on the back deck. The irony being that we waited all week for sun and when it arrived, we were forced to enjoy it!


  • Caught the 8:45am ferry back to Seattle – absolutely beautiful morning
  • Took the bus back to the airport
  • We had to run in the Houston airport to catch our flight to Dayton and we ended up waiting an hour and a half for our flight attendant to show up

Seattle was great and the people were very friendly and laidback. We’re so grateful for the opportunity to experience life there.

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