The Cycle of Ministry

I’m reminded on this slow and lazy Monday morning about the odd nature of ministry. We’re told to seek balance and boundaries. Yet, the cycle of ministry never seems even and balanced. There are times you’re called into a season of extra hours, work, errands, meetings and relationship-building. Then a season of calm, reflection, and self-care follow.

As long as we guard our slow times, then the busy times are life-giving. Someone asked Aaron yesterday if we were too busy. In some ways, we are. But it’s a good kind of busy. The kind where you know your effort is making a difference.

On Friday & Saturday, we did a 30 hour fast with our teens to raise money for World Vision. Here’s a short video of our experience:

That wrapped up Saturday at 7pm. We got home to finish preparing for the first youth group gathering the next day. Aaron hit two campuses Sunday morning while I worked with kids & teens at the YMCA. I picked up Taco Bell (good but ugh!) for lunch and we worked until 2:30. Then home to finish last-minute details until 4 and then back to church. We got home at 9:30.

Many times, this kind of pace would kill us. We would get annoyed, frustrated and tired. But something was different yesterday. It was a good tired.

I’m not advocating busy ministry lives. In fact, I think we all do entirely too much and don’t depend on God enough. But, once in a while, I don’t mind insanely busy weekends.

Because I got a front row seat to God’s life-changing activity all weekend. Great story here.

I love my job.

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