Questions are more important than answers, pt. 2

More random thoughts from Bishop Ough:

  • Most of our worship design & preaching doesn’t bring people to a place of vulnerability, so we don’t do altar calls because they feel fake
  • Some felt that we try to manipulate people’s feelings but not of the questions are authentic.
  • The Holy Spirit does the work on people’s hearts.
  • Use testimonials to give glimpses of the answers.
  • We should no longer appoint students to dead and dying places. It’s not the place to try your wings.
  • Asking questions demands relationship.
  • I can’t call people to a place I haven’t gone.
  • How do we put into practice something we’ve never experienced?
  • One reason we don’t pray for healing is because we’ve never seen it happen authentically. We’re also afraid God’s grace won’t touch that person.
  • We need to go places where new things are done authentically.
  • Many preachers preach like they know the answer. They don’t draw people into the questions.
  • Do you go with the question so you can get to the deeper questions? We have to be okay with the conversation that might be uncovered.

Chapel Sermon – Ash Wednesday

  • The sacrifice acceptable to God is a broken spirit.
  • God is not an option we can take or leave as we find useful.
  • Repentence means having a sense of being away. We’ve wandered away. We’ve looked in the wrong places for our happiness.
  • It’s easier to believe we are God, not that we’ve wandered from God.
  • Have you created any messes you’re sorry about?
  • Have you wrecked anything lately that you wish you hadn’t?
  • If your heart is hurting, why not open it up and make it a place for God to dwell?
  • Rending and returning is impossible without God’s gracious presence.
  • Turn and point your life toward Christ.
  • Just because God is gracious, doesn’t mean we should take our good old time.
  • It seems a disaster that God forgives us week and after week.

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