New websites, teens and a new dog!

I started my 4th semester at United this week. By the way, our school has a new website. I’m taking Integration, UMC History, UMC Doctrine and Old Testament 2. Lots of John Wesley this semester. Good thing I’m fascinated by his foresight and intentionality in starting the Methodist church.

I’m very excited to do my certification interview Friday night. Love that I’m from the Alaska Conference. It will be a phone interview at 7:45pm their time. 11:45pm Ohio time. 🙂 Hope I’m coherent. For my non-UMC friends, if I get certified, then I’ll take work towards being commissioned in spring 2010. Then two years later, I’ll be ordained!

Aaron and I are blessed to work with some amazing teens at Stillwater. We launched a new blog to keep everyone up to date. Check it out.

On Wednesday, we welcomed Zoe to our family! On Monday we were watching TV and all the sudden, I decided I wanted another dog. I convinced Aaron to go to the animal shelter with me just for fun. He saw a beagle and was hooked. She’s 1 year old and loves people. We’re hoping she teaches Callie a thing or two. 😉

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