Protect your God ideas

Mark Batterson: What I’m getting at is this: everything was once an idea. A bad idea. A good idea. A God idea. And it’s what we do with those ideas that determines our destiny. How many God ideas end up as a spiritual miscarriage because we don’t capture it? Or better stated, it doesn’t capture us. Like the parable of the sower and the seed, the God idea doesn’t take root. Listen, that is poor stewardship. When a God-idea is conceived you’ve got to identify it, protect it, fight for it, nurture it, cherish it, believe in it, pray about it, and sacrifice for it.

As someone who’s mind is comfortable situating itself in the future, I appreciated Mark’s words. Many ideas pass through my mind that don’t stay very long. But some stick. And it can be frustrating when they don’t come to fruition as they appeared in my mind. For those of you that have ideas floating in the back of your brain that seem like they’ll never become a reality – protect those. Keep praying, thinking and fighting for them.

All in God’s time.

I have to believe that.

Or I’d go crazy.


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