Living Simply, week 1

Last night we started our 1life winter classes at Stillwater. I’m very excited to be leading a class on Living Simply by Fiona Castle. 18 of us are journeying together for the next 12 weeks. Can’t wait!!

Our discussion last night…

  • Nothing is more important than finding and fulfilling God’s purpose for us. Yet most of us have so much clutter in our lives that we can’t make time and space to listen to God.
  • We want to face all the issues of modern life but not share the values of materialism and selfishness that our culture promotes.
  • Trouble Tree: Each night as you enter your home, find something to touch to remind you to leave your work issues at the door. It’s so easy to allow the kind of day we’ve had to affect our behavior with everyone else at home.
  • We have a lot of power over the emotional tone in our family life.
  • Sometimes our self-esteem is so fragile that we can’t face people knowing that we sometimes make mistakes.
  • Each step along the way we must be ready to let go of the plans that have given our lives direction up until that point, and accept new challenges that might grow out of that dialogue.
  • Acts 10:9-20 – God had to challenge Peter’s thinking
  • The process of change in Peter: prayer, listen, mind was opened, first he rejected it, but then open to Holy Spirit, obeyed without hesitation


  • Take before pictures of your most cluttered spaces
  • Declutter your front door area


  • Where does God needs to challenge your thinking?

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