Why telling our story is so important

I’m becoming increasingly convicted of the importance of sharing our stories. We can argue, discuss, pray and reason all we want to convince someone Christ will change their life. But most won’t hear us if we’re not sharing how Christ changed our lives.

For those of us who grew up in the church, it’s hard to remember a time we weren’t in relationship with God. It’s even more important that we take time to realize and verbalize the changes.

I’m in the midst of an evangelism intensive and am convinced one of the best ways to share our faith is through our stories. If your life has changed because of Jesus Christ, we must share that story in a way that works for us.

Through a poem, written story, words, documentary, conversation, art piece, video, Facebook status or note, a letter, prayer, a note, a book, blog post, website….
Martha Grace Reese: If you lose the mystery, you have nothing to share. If you don’t focus and organize the sharing, the church turns inward.

How does your church share the life-transforming stories?

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