Teens & World Vision Experience today

Teens’ reaction to going through the World Vision Experience: AIDS tonight…

It will stay with me for the rest of my life. I will cherish this forever.

I felt very sorry for the kids & very thankful. I also felt very sorta spoiled.

I felt like I was actually in Africa, and I felt like I wanted to help ALL of the people in Africa. I even forget I was in a church!

I felt so sad. How could you lose your parents and not have anywhere to live or nothing to eat? I almost started crying. It’s so sad to see this and some spoiled kids who may not be grateful just might say ‘oh boo hoo’ that’s not our fault. But with our help we can help them. That’s the sad part. We all know we can help them so why don’t we?

I felt so sorry for myself. When I figured out that I had HIV AIDS, I about cried my eyes out! I was so so devasted! I couldn’t believe it.

We asked them how they could help…

I will definitely tell other people about those kids and try to get them to donate.

I could have a garage sale and sell all my junk and give the money made to a child in need.

This week, instead of spending lots of money on clothes, I could sponsor a child in need who has AIDS. With this information, I can, no I WILL think of others.

I could sell 2 of the computers we have and some of our furniture and things we don’t use and would put all the money together and sponsor a child in Africa.

I could get rid of some of my stuffed animals, I could get rid of some of my clothes or I could get rid of all of my shoes, but one pair. I could make something out of what I don’t need.

I am going to ask my parents if we can donate anything to Africa. I’m going to be MORE thankful for what I have.

When I’m acting spoiled, I will think about what it would be like if I had AIDS.

Maybe on Christmas I’ll give away all my old stuff or things I don’t even touch.

I will donate all of the extra money to help kill HIV/AIDS.

I am going to care about HIV/AIDS more than what I was!

I will save my allowance and donate that money to help feed the kids in Africa with HIV/AIDS.

One thought on “Teens & World Vision Experience today

  1. this is awesome!!! These kids are the future and if we can impact them now, imagine the possibilities!!!! WOW! I hope more tweens and teens can go through this and realize how “easy” they have it. What an eye opener!!


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