Adam Hamilton at the Change the World Conference

We’re at the Change the World conference at Ginghamsburg today and tomorrow. Here’s post #1!

Adam Hamilton, Church of the Resurrection

There have been three major movements in the US:
1. Social Revolution in the 70s swung too far to the left
2. The Counter Revolution in the 80s (Dobson, Falwell, Reagan) swung too far to the right
3. New Synthesis happening now – both sides have part of the truth

Sometimes our theology isn’t adequate for our reality.

God gives us a brain and expects us to use it. God gives us a heart and expects us to feel.

God is not offended by our questions.

People from the left are yearning for a more personal faith but don’t want to give up progressive ideas. People from the right are yearning for something more corporate – this has to be bigger than me.

The emergent movement is people from the right moving towards the center. “Wow…we can sing songs that were written more than 5 years ago…” The left is moving towards the center and realizing parts of contemporary worship can help us relate to God in a new way.

Young adults aren’t hearing the middle way talked about in our churches. An entire generation is being turned away because of the Counter Revolution.

Hyper-Calvinism/Determinism: everything happens for a reason. That works for a while but it becomes a problem when our friends die for no reason. A lot of things happen that aren’t God’s will. But we may find hope and healing in God.

David Kinnamon: Christianity is no longer what Jesus intended.

We must recognize the complexity in life.

The more mature you become, the more you realize you don’t know.

Is your church wrestling with the issues people are really thinking about?

Our job is to help followers become more authentically human. To help people clarify what matters most to God. We’re to help people close the gap between God and themselves.

START WITH MISSIONS. After someone serves, they start to get it.

Adam had 800 people leave in a short span because of sermon series they did. Have courage. One of the most important characteristics of leadership is courage.

It’s easy to irritate people. But our goal is to take people on a journey where they are stretched to see God in new ways.

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