it’s october!

We’re all in a process of discernment throughout life. Are we in being the most use to God where we are? Are we being good stewards of the gifts God has given us?

It’s easy for self-doubt to creep in and get you to believe you’re not qualified enough. That you’ve failed before so you probably will again. It can be paralyzing for leaders.

I want to thank the people who’ve been helping me work through that lately. I appreciate you more than you know.

Some conference notes to inspire this morning…

Rudy Rasmus: People are blinded by distortions people have told them about themselves

Jesus says “I called you into ministry…how can you operate if you’re fearful?”

We limit our expectations because in many situations we have never seen Jesus do it ourselves

Mark Batterson: Faith is willing to look foolish

John Crosby: Get over yourself, then you’ll do your best work

David Arcos: Don’t organize so God can do something, organize what God is doing

Bill Hybels: Even when the church isn’t working well, it’s still the hope of the world

Wayne Corderio: I wish God could turn our eyeballs inside out for a week so we can see people’s spiritual condition, not their physical condition

Nancy Ortberg: Give people permission to do something poorly if they’re going to do it well

Don’t figure out what you want to say no to. Spend energy figuring out your yes.

One thought on “it’s october!

  1. very good quotes – thanks for sharing. it’s often really hard for me to accept that i may do something wrong, sub-standard, or foolish.:-) kc


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