we pledge to…

Weekend brain spillage…

  • My husband wrote a hilarious post on men’s church bathrooms.
  • Had over 100 people at the first miller lane campus preview service last night!! pictures here
  • Reflecting and praying over a creative way to illustrate a discipleship path. I want someone to look at it and see themselves in it. For it to come alive in their life…
  • Met a great guy, Milton, tonight at worship. He said he could feel the presence of God just in the handshake and welcoming words we exchanged.
  • Helped our brother & sister in law look at new houses in Bellfountaine!
  • Almost went to Atlanta to shoot interviews with UM pastors for the documentary. Almost!
  • Met some great new students at United. They’re awesome.
  • Excited to start classes…
  • Working on a top ten ways people can serve at Stillwater that we’ll put out once in a while
  • Saw a sign at Arby’s today that said “We pledge…” and thought we should do that in churches. Have graphics that explain to our people what we as leaders pledge to do. Here are my first couples ones…

We pledge to…

  • love you as you are
  • love Jesus Christ with all we have
  • see everything as an experiment
  • put family first
  • see opportunities in obstacles
  • encourage you to try things you’ve been afraid to attempt
  • chase God’s calling in your life
  • challenge you to keep growing
  • do anything to help you connect with God
  • laugh and love life
  • fail because it’s a first step towards God
  • lead by example in every area of our lives
  • truly believe Jesus Christ is the hope of the world
  • remember Jesus came to make us brave, not safe
  • challenge you to take risks

More weekend brain spillage… (Sunday at Frederick Pike campus)

  • In competition, we focus on someone’s weakness to beat them. In the kingdom, we focus on someone’s weakness to help them.
  • YOU are God’s plan. God doesn’t have a back up or plan B. You are it.
  • Using our gifts will often take us beyond our abilities.
  • Jesus Christ is the HOPE of the world
  • GREAT post from Tony Morgan – Are you comfortable with being uncomfortable?

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