Reflections from Presentation

The view count on the videos went from 50 on Sunday afternoon to over 400 today! And over 300 people have been on UMC Young Clergy since Monday. Keep the conversation going!

A great next step is for young clergy in each conference to establish a support network among if there isn’t one already in place. More next steps here…

I was overwhelmed with emotion as we prayed last night right before the presentation. I don’t want to spend my life doing anything else but being used by God to further God’s kingdom here on earth. What an amazing feeling to know my days count for much more than I could create.

I was overflowing with joy to watch 120 people see these interviews for the first time. The 30 people we interviewed were honest, open and vulnerable. Because they were willing to put it on the line so our denomination can continue being renewed, that gives every conference hope that the same thing can happen for them.

I could go on forever but a church finance meeting is calling my name. So just know Monday night was a huge highlight and I was thrilled that Aaron went with me. We talked for hours on the way home about how we can keep filming more stories and using the power of image & story to keep asking tough questions.

We’ll post the Q & A session soon.

My logo was on an elephant!!

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