UMC Young Clergy video shorts

We’re giving a UMC Young Clergy presentation to the new Board of Ordained Ministry chairs & registrars in Nashville on Monday. These are the people who organize & pass candidates into ministry in each of our conferences. It’s crucial that we continue to discuss some of the reasons why our numbers of young clergy are declining.

I’m very interested to see how God will move among people as we realize this problem is solvable. And a HUGE thanks to all the people involved in these videos who put their heart and passion on the line to help advance this conversation.

Thank YOU.

Annie Arnoldy, Jason Rathod, Andrew Craig Bishop Mary Ann Swenson , Nicole Conard, Molly Simpson, Bishop Will Willimon , AJ Thomas, Candy Benson, Rebekah Miles, Bishop Deb Kiesey, Paul Gravley, Dave Beckett, Andrew Conard, Adam Hamilton, Sarai Case, Jessica LaGrone, Jeremy Smith, Kelli Beard, Nico Romejin-Stout & Walter L. Dry Sr.

General Conference

Statistics & Hope

Why we love ministry in the UMC

Candidacy Process

Naming Elephants for Young Clergy

Words to Older & Younger Clergy

Closing Reflections

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