i’m ashamed to say..

I’m ashamed to say we’ve lived here 11 months and we just now met our neighbors.

Aaron and I took the motorcycle over to Sinclair Park tonight for a picnic dinner. It was one of those picture perfect sunny Ohio evenings that make you forget the cloudy dreary winter days. We got back and the new people that moved in across the street were sitting on their porch. I talked to them for a bit then walked over and met the neighbors that have lived there 3 years.

Harry & Peggy were worried about us last week when they saw both cars there and no movement. They were so sweet! We sometimes wave back and forth but neither of us had made the effort to cross the busy street to say hi.

How is it so easy for busy “church people” to rationalize spending their time and serving in the church & community yet ignore their physical neighbors?

People complain our neighborhoods are disconnected and we don’t sit on the porches in the evenings. That means we have to make the extra effort to build those relationships.

I’m glad I have five new friends who know they can knock on my door anytime. And vice versa.

Picture of the Day:

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