back from alaska

How do you summarize spending 12 days with my favorite people in the world in one of the most beautiful places on earth?

Aaron and I went sea kayaking, saw otters & seals, watched a mountain race, saw moose in our campground, rode motorcycles, preached & led worship, went out to a lot of meals, went golfing, shopping and ate reindeer hotdogs.

It’s interesting to notice the effects of our mobile society. Families are living much farther apart and while that gives adult children a great sense of independence, I wonder what we’re missing out on. My little brother would argue that he wants to live a decent distance from family so it’s a special treat when we all get together. And don’t many families that live in the same town take each other for granted and sometimes have trouble setting boundaries?

So I don’t know which decision is “better” but thanks to technology, I feel very connected to my family even though we’re 4,000 miles apart.

Here’s to the beauty of Alaska and family…

more pics on facebook…
album 1
album 2
album 3

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