Day 5

Sue Nilson Kibbey (Executive Pastor) teaching

Building a Missional Team – Sue

  • People want to be a part of something bigger than themselves. The church MUST be giving that opportunity.
  • It’s not our job to tell members what God wants them to do. It’s our job to set the stage so God can speak to them.
  • 20% of the people are usually busy doing 80% of the work so the 20% become more annoyed that the 80% aren’t helping them.
  • The problem is that the 20% are doing 5-10 core things (committees, worship, singing in the choir, folding bulletins, etc)
  • How do we break the 20/80 barrier? We must understand that the 80% people want their life to count bu they’re not called to the 5-10 core things the 20% are doing.
  • Our church families want us to show them the picture of what God has for them.
  • Will you minister to a few or ignite a movement?

Crippling Mindsets

  • I don’t want to impose on people (most want their lives to make a difference)
  • I’m not good at convincing people to serve (we’re not convincing, we’re inviting people to serve in their giftedness, everyone wins)
  • We don’t think the job is engaging (they might because it’s their gift)
  • As a church leader, could you help me out? (they’re helping the kingdom, not doing you a favor)

Other Thoughts

  • People want a calling, not just a job
  • Invite people to dream bigger dreams
  • Revamp how you invite people to serve
  • Too many people name the task, not the vision
  • Staff must equip, not takeaway

Kim Smith – Missional Marketing

  • We should be producers, not consumers
  • Marketing can be classy but cheap
  • If you have a big enough sized God vision, just watch who starts flocking to the movement

Kim had a great presentation on how they’ve presented the Sudan Project. Incredible movement of God.

John Jung – New Creation Counseling Center

  • Lay members can be empowered to do pastoral care
  • Many pastors are challenged to do it and unwilling to let go
  • You’ll be uncomfortable at Ginghamsburg if you’re not willing to serve
  • Ephesians 4:11-12 – everyone has a gift, why do we keep trying to do everyone else’s job?
  • For pastors that have a difficult time letting lay people do pastoral care, ask who’s needs are being met here? Is it the pastor’s ego?

Kim Miller – Creating Welcoming Spaces

  • Realized things can be changed around every week – it speaks of God’s character
  • Traditional churches have bolted down pews – it says “we are committed to never changing, week after week”
  • Any room in the church can look different from week to week
  • Find your encouraging voices and lose the negative ones
  • Physical environment is how we exist on earth
  • Don’t just decorate the altar for a series, decorate the walls, lobby & hallways
  • It makes people feel like they’re inside the message
  • What do we want this space to say?
  • Less is more; beauty on a budget

A huge thank you to Mike Slaughter, Penny Gooch, senior mgmt. team and all the staff who made our class feel incredibly welcomed. We couldn’t believe they cared enough about us as students & leaders to give us a week of their valuable time. Our group was floored by the hearts of all your servants we met. They had an answer immediately for where they are gifted and why they love serving.

Thank you to United Theological Seminary for caring enough about the decline of the mainline church to begin to rethink theological education. Each generation must continue to rethink how we work with the people of God so that we’re relevant and effective. Thank you for investing in issues that matter to us. (Save the pool!)

This week was a turning point in my ministry life. The way that I think about ministry shifted. The way I spend time with God changed. I now have a vision for the kind of leader God is calling me to be.

I entered this class seriously doubting I was designed for ordained ministry.


2 thoughts on “Day 5

  1. Jenny – Thanks for sharing your experience at Ginghamsburg. It is fantastic to have reached a turning point in ministry like that. I hope that the confirmation and direction continues in the best possible timing.Andrew Conard


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