Day 3 of Missional Church class

Day 3 at Ginghamsburg…

Strategic Leadership

  • More people focus on faith in Jesus rather than following Jesus
  • Need to move from macro-focus (mega church or mall church) to micro (cafe & house churches)
  • Empower micro-communities committed to macro-mission
  • Err on grace rather than judgment
  • Jesus was people building, not church building
  • Boring is not the same thing as truth
  • Tell YOUR stories
  • God does his best work in a cemetery situation
  • A short series based on Gospel Lite will get the crowds, but not necessarily make disciples
  • All sermons and curriculum should preach, teach & heal
  • You’re gonna die. It’s not about you. Get your butt out there and serve.
  • If you’re going to push mission, you must give many opportunities for mission.
  • Exposing people to real poverty really changes people.
  • Right action moves people from donation to sacrifice
  • Money follows mission, not local church needs or denominational mandates
  • Spend LESS on mortar than money going out in mission
  • As soon as more money is being spent on mortar, you’re not a missional church


  • You can’t be all things to all people
  • Most people look around and see human things, a leader sees through the eyes of God
  • Visioning is the promising picture of God’s preferred future
  • Vision is a leader’s mental image that conveys where organization needs to be in future
  • Vision is primarily right-brained and passionate
  • Goal setting and strategy development are the result, they don’t precede vision
  • I’m 25 and almost dead. I don’t have time to play church
  • Vision comes from a leader, not a committee
  • Microscope people (see by magnifying present reality) vs. Telescope people (see the future)

1. Formulate the vision (a clear picture of our destination sustains us)

2. Articulate vision (be repetitive, write it down in many ways)

3. Activate vision (strategic action plans)

  • One year rule: If I have one year to live, what would I spend my energy and time on?
  • People aren’t looking for meetings, they are looking for meaning
  • The essential quality of visionary is COURAGE
  • I’m not the miracle
  • Some people see a ghost in the storm, leaders see Jesus
  • God can’t use us if we can’t claim our brokenness
  • Most people want to do Bible study, not discipleship

Picture of the Day

Happy 3 years today Aaron!!

2 thoughts on “Day 3 of Missional Church class

  1. God is a God of fresh starts. When something in our lives (a relationship, a situation, etc.) seems dead, and we open our hearts, God can do his best work. New life. Renewal. Change. But our human eyes see destruction and death and hopelessness.A leader must paint the picture of renewal and new life. Once people can picture it, God makes it a reality.


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