friday morning in ohio

This morning I read Isaiah 57:10 and it hit me upside the head. I was sitting on our porch enjoying the sunshine and realized when I “renew my strength,” I more often depend on myself for a second wind or a new energy. I wish I could realize a renewing of my strength should always come from God.

  • Aaron just left for a 2 hour motorcycle ride to spend the day with his brother. He’s promised to not drive on the interstates and to call several times. He wasn’t going to go if I didn’t want him to. But how do you stop your loved one from doing something they LOVE? I’d rather him take risks and enjoy life than hold back in fear.
  • Our friend, David, died a year ago next Tuesday in a plane crash. It’s been a tough year and we miss him terribly. I had a dream about him last night and he was hanging out with Aaron. They were going through all their inside jokes and things they loved to do.
  • I just got the schedule for a week-long intensive class with Mike Slaughter next week. We have 7am workouts! It’s going to be intense but great. I’m excited for new revelations…
  • I’m contemplating giving up internet for the 11 days we’re in Alaska soon. Think I can do it?

One thought on “friday morning in ohio

  1. Hi Jenny! Your thoughts about rather having your husband take risks and live than hold back in fear…absolutely beautiful! That will preach!You are fabulous!!! Tinap.s. since I am not running into you in random places every few minutes (ala Lakeside), I will have to stalk your blog!


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