i love my job

Our generation is told to find what we’re passionate about and do it. We don’t often work a job just for the money. I wonder if that’s part of the pressure and worry that young adults have because they see others finding their “dream” job. So we assume there’s one perfect job for us out there. And we won’t be happy until we find it.

But I do believe God has gifted us each in different ways. There are things we’re naturally good at and really enjoy. And when those gifts line up with a job that helps make a difference, our hearts are happy.

Starting June 1, I get to be the communications coordinator for our three campuses at Stillwater. I get to work with an incredible staff who are all figuring out how to be a multi-site church together.

I get to help us communicate better with each other and our community. I hope that leads to helping people connect more with God. I could do this stuff the rest of my life!

One of my inspirations is Kem Meyer over at Granger. She’s awesome. I also love Church Marketing Sucks, Church Communications Pro and the Center for Church Communication.

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