rick warren thoughts

“Every conflict is the byproduct of immaturity.”
“You cannot have control and growth.”
“Art needs a frame.”
“Be a proponent of the new not an opponent of the old.

One of the things we talked about was the importance of decentralization. He talked about Saddleback’s transition from a mid-week service where about 1000 people would attend to small groups. They have 26,000 people plugged into 3400 small groups that span a 100 mile stretch from LA to San Diego. That is the power of decentralization. I think multi-site is another dimension of decentralization. Launching locations keeps you from becoming too centralized.

Another topic that came up was criticism. Rick made some fascinating observations. We live in a day and age when anybody can say anything and the criticism is global, instant, and permanent thanks to Google. Rick shared some wise advice.

“If you wrestle with a pig you’ll both get dirty.”
“Define yourself or others will.”
“Bless those who curse you.”
“Separate fact from opinion.”
“Hurt people hurt people.”
“Insults are insecurities.”

Mark Batterson on Rick Warren

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