general conference wrap up

The conference voted to suspend the rules, in order to amend the rules, in order to determine if we will be voting to concur with the committees’ reports, or to vote on adopting the petitions themselves. This took an hour.

Matt Kuzma

Haha…made me laugh. Unfortunately, very true.

Ugandan Children’s Choir video intro – their journey to the US

Ugandan Children’s Choir singing at General Conference

I had a fantastic time at General Conference. It was great spending 10 days with my dad. It was fun meeting tons of new Methodist friends from around the world. I was reminded our church is now a global church. The US is not at the center of everything.

It was sad at times that we continue to disagree on some issues. I hope our church works hard to really start listening to “the other side.” If we say we agree to disagree, it seems we shut down and stop listening to the other side because we assume we know their point of view. Keep listening. Keep asking questions.

I know I’m guilty of stereotyping. I’m sorry for any part I’ve played in making someone feel excluded from God’s love.

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