thursday at general conference

I’ve been scanning other General Conference blogs and they’ve done a great job of summarizing the joys and
struggles of holy conferencing.

Alaska Conference Communications Blog on General Conference

I was posted at the front of the plenary floor today to guard the stage. Halfway through the morning, there was a 15 minute witness/protest. Very powerful time to see bishops come down and stand with supporters of a more open Methodist Church.

It was wonderful to hear Bill Gates Sr. today. He’s going to match whatever we raise on a basketball we’re bidding for to benefit Nothing but Nets. The United Methodist Church is playing a major part in helping to erase malaria on our planet. What’s great is that change is actually happening!

I’ve been meaning to list the people I’ve gotten to interview. Here they are…

Ed McKinney – Western North Carolina
Josh & Christina Hale – Texas
Bishop Will Willimon – North Alabama
Andrew & Nicole Conard – Kansas West
Candy Benson – South Carolina
Molly Simpson – Kansas East
Paul Gravley – North Texas
Kelli Beard – Northern Illinois/Garrett-Evangelical Seminary
Jessica LaGrone – Texas
Ernest Jackson – West Ohio
Rebekah Miles – Arkansas – Professor at Perkins School of Theology at SMU
Sarai Case – Illinois/Garrett-Evangelical Seminary
William & Anna Mandelstamm – Western North Carolina
Nathan Jeffries – Missouri
Jeremy Smith – New England/Oklahoma
Bishop Deb Kiesey – Dakotas
Walter Dry, Sr. – Florida
A.J. Thomas – Western North Carolina
David L. Jefferson – New York
Nico Romeijn-Stout – Pacific-Northwest
Marie Kuch – Pacific Northwest
Molly Vetter – California-Pacific
Nate Nims – Iowa /Drew Theological Seminary
Adam Hamilton – Leawood, Kansas
Dave Beckett – Anchorage, Alaska

Glory to God!!!

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