General Conference – Saturday

Last night I interviewed Nicole Conard and Molly Simpson, both pastors at Church of the Resurrection. It was great to meet young um clergy who are so passionate about what they do. Got great footage.

The Town and Country churches gave us all free lunch today! It was fantastic. It was in these water gardens that had great rock formations. It gets pretty cold inside the convention center so we were craving the sunshine.

Dad and I checked out the Race Machine that scans your face and shows what you would look like as a different race. Very interesting.

My morning shift was 7am-1:30pm in the main arena. Passed out worship bulletins & packets of seeds. Tonight I’ll be in the Administration room guarding the door. I don’t know how security guards stay awake during their shifts. It’s hard work at times!

I LOVE our diversity! I don’t know of any other denomination that is this well organized in so many countries and CONNECTED.

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