general conference

We’re now a couple days into General Conference. On Tuesday, I shared a bus shuttle with followers from Thailand, Kansas, Florida, Hawaii and the Congo. At each airport stop, more and more Methodists kept getting on board!

I’m excited to see my journey twist and turn lately. Two months ago, I was ready to abandon all things United Methodist. And now I’m sitting in the midst of 5,000 United Methodists from around the country.

No other denomination allows its members to petition the entire church body. I listened to the first ever Young People’s Address and was so proud to be a United Methodist. We can be hard on ourselves because we don’t see as much change as we desire. But when we step back and see what God is already doing, it’s incredible. United Methodist people gave 57 billion dollars in the offering plates over the past 4 years!

God is good.

I’m starting to film interviews tomorrow morning. Can’t wait to hear stories!

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