idol gives back

This is an interesting insight into how Americans relate faith and pop culture. Some are saying this was a ploy to get the Christian audience to send in money. Other will say the finalists are glowing angels worshipping God on one of the most popular network shows.

I personally think there are many people out there who depend on God and thank God for the blessings in their lives. But don’t want to be seen as the crazy-super-religious-christian-intolerant-stereotype. And that’s okay. We have to find new ways of following God in our culture.

And let’s just pause for a moment to realize the American Idol phenomenon raised hundreds of millions of dollars for poverty and aid around the world. amen.

So I’m just happy this morning that a song where some people believe God is the one who gave us all we have was seen by millions. And how cool that the British Prime Minister gave $200 million in mosquito nets. Incredible.

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