more from awaken

Treat other people’s needs as holy.

People are not tired of the gospel, they’re tired of tired presentations of the gospel.
– Wayne Cordiero

No is a complete sentence. Be confident. You don’t have to give an excuse. Every no will help your yes.

From a distance, real leadership looks like you’re in power. But REAL power is setting others free, giving them space to lead.

Give people permission to do something poorly if they’re going to do it well.
– Nancy Ortberg

We’d rather alienate a thousand angry Christians for the privilege of journeying with someone towards Christ.
– Erwin McManus

People don’t need one more message, they need a relationship.
-Mark Batterson

For those of us that grow up in Christian culture, we connect thoughts that no one else connects.
-Rick McKinley

Pastors try to get their churches to become something they’re not willing to become.
– Dan Kimball

Mediocrity is sometimes the result of apathy but sometimes it’s out of fear.
– Erwin McManus

A stubbornness that says the way things are – are not the way they have to be.
– Emmanuel Katongole

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