california pictures

My husband and I are enjoying several days with two of our best friends out there in California before the Awaken conference on Tuesday.

The three of them are taking a much deserved Sunday afternoon nap and their apartment here on the campus of Fuller Seminary is very quiet. Lauren and I took a long walk around the Rose Bowl this afternoon contemplating life, God, theology and boys. It reminds me how we are designed for connection with others. When we find ourselves without close friendships and relationships in life, something kicks us inside, reminding us we’re not meant to be alone.

I’m struggling with this call into ministry. What it means, how I fit into it, and how I can affect the most change in the world. But whatever I end up doing in life, I hope I can be a part of helping others make connections with God and people. That is one of the core foundations in our world.

Here’s some of my attempts to capture God’s magnificent creations in Southern California…

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