this week in pictures

On Monday, I got the opportunity to see Barack Obama speak at the Nutter Center in Dayton. I waited for 4 hours along with my 11,000 new friends. He didn’t say anything I hadn’t heard him say already. But it was wonderful to see him in person.

I was tasked with taking pictures for my new friends I’d spent hours with. I was focused on also getting great shots of Obama since I was about 10 feet away!! But then at the end, I ended up in the front row and got to shake his hand!

I’ll be proud to have Obama or Clinton as our president. But for me, Obama is more inspiring and transparent as a leader.

Then I rushed home because we had a show to watch! Justin & Lauren’s good friends, Nate & Sarah were on Deal or No Deal Monday night. We had watched the previews to try to figure out if they won the million. They had 13 million dollar cases. Turns out they won over $200,000!! It was a great game and we saw Justin & Lauren on TV under the big screen! Nate & Sarah coined the phrase that describes many of us right now… “living on loans and love.” 🙂

there’s justin & lauren!

and to wrap up this exciting week we had a card night last night in aaron’s newly redesigned man basement. 🙂 except it was all girls!

and my parents get here TONIGHT!!!!! more pictures to come 🙂

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