more on yearnings

what are the parts of your shadow you keep under wraps?

healing vs. curing

in death, there is a crisis of meaning. we argue people back into hope through the community.

we all yearn to be more deeply human

we live in the space between what we yearn for (love, creativity, etc.) and the thing we get. that space is sacred. it’s agonizing and amazing.

so we build taboos around the yearnings and make them negative things OR we delude ourselves into thinking we’re going to reach the promised land. then the second we arrive at our yearning, we want more.

teachers have votes, not vetoes in your life.

life is 1% my effort and 99% grace.

we tend to make a partial truth a whole truth, then it comes back to destroy us.

when we worship in community and we don’t leave with more compassion and love, we are practicing idolatry. we’re worshiping ourselves.

– Rabbi Irwin Kula

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